Example Cocktail Menu

  • Woodside goat curd crostini with poached peppered pear and walnut pieces
  • Mini garlic prawn tartlets
  • Moroccan style lamb pies
  • Caramelised onion and feta tartlets (v)
  • Arancini balls (v)
  • Fresh asparagus with sesame and harris smokehouse smoked salmon (v)
  • blue cheese frittata (v)
  • lemon and chilli free range chicken skewers
  • Gourmet Chicken ribbon sandwiches
  • Rare roast beef with mustard cream on crostini
  • Veal meatballs with spicy housemade chutney


  • Mini Salted caramel and chocolate tartlet
  • Mini Lemon curd tartlet


  • Dukkah Platter (for 10 people) – crusty ciabatta, local olive oil, house made dukkah $33 V
  • Mixed cheese platter Cape Jaffa brie, Adelaide Hills Blue, Sandhurst olives, assorted biscuits and crutes (for 10 people) $60 (V)

We supply all platters, cocktail serviettes (white), service (including service of alcohol if required) and a big smile. The kitchen will be left as found.

For 6 savoury cost would be $44 per head.

To add 2 savoury will be $51 per head.

My cost for the night is included.

We charge $160 for an extra person.

Delivery only would be $37 per head for 6 savoury and $44 per head for 6 savoury and 2 sweet plus free delivery within Goolwa ($50 delivery within 20 kms of Goolwa)